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News | 07.03.2022

KEIM Tisenza - titanium dioxide-free sol-silicate interior paint for a natural finish

Who wouldn't want that: a cosy, natural ambience. One's own home as a space of security, which fulfils the demand for aesthetics and a healthy indoor climate in equal measure. Materials that are ecologically harmless and protect the environment. The new titanium dioxide-free sol-silicate interior paint KEIM Tisenza makes every room a valuable living environment and is a further contribution to sustainability from KEIM. Numerous quality seals prove KEIM's claim to ecological, healthy living products.

Timeless beautiful natural tones and pastel colors

The natural properties of KEIM Tisenza, the highest quality of colour pigments and perfectly coordinated colour nuances give rooms a very special atmosphere. White tones are not garish, but mineral matt and warm. Cool pastel shades such as stone grey or delicate mint green bring lightness and harmony into the home and create a fresh contrast when combined with warm colour tones. Ideal for all those who want a "feel-good" colour but want to be detached from trends. KEIM Tisenza is also excellently suited for sensitive areas such as children's rooms.

Sophisticated in every detail

With KEIM Tisenza, architects, planners and contractors have a product at their disposal with which they can inspire their customers. The requirements for simple and fast application are equally met in the outstanding quality KEIM has been known for for over 140 years.

The advantages

  • Titanium dioxide-free

  • Without added solvents, plasticisers and preservatives

  • Anti-mould

  • Very low odour

  • Easy to apply

  • Convincing covering power (class 1)

  • Highly durable (NAK 1)

  • Natureplus certified

The trend towards more sustainable living goes hand in hand with the desire for simplicity and naturalness. Quality is being attached to valuable materials - in favour of sustainable products. KEIM Tisenza meets this demand for "Natural Luxury" - both in terms of living comfort and ecological aspects.

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