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Our corporate philosophy

Adolf Wilhelm KEIM founded our company in 1878 after inventing silicate technology. Today, the company is the worldwide leading specialist for mineral structural protection due to its sustainable solutions. We are the all-rounder among the specialists: In our "mineral-silicate structural protection" specialist area, we offer sophisticated, complete system solutions for facades and interiors.

The principle of sustainability is something that strongly influences and dictates the company's corporate handling and actions. Our belief in the added-value of mineral construction products is evidence of this. With our actions and handling, we want to maintain, protect and create new values, without passing on any limitations to coming generations when doing so.


... committed to the concept of sustainability.

β€žWe want to live, work, wrestle, fight and care for our fellow human beings, and to work for the coming generations so that things will improve in our world.β€œ

Adolf Wilhelm KEIM
Company founder, 1878


…committed to the concept of sustainability.

We research and develop mineral products and systems, meeting our self-imposed commitment for sustainability as well as the demands and desires of our customers.

KEIMFARBEN since 1878. 

KEIM Mission statement

The basis
In times of constant change, stronger competition and increasingly global markets, it is particularly important to have a clear direction for corporate action. We need a framework to support us and give us direction. We need common values which emphasise our responsibilities for one another and for others and which guide us in our actions.

People are our top priority
And we need space to develop our independence and creativity. Anywhere where people work together tends to develop its own culture. Today, corporate culture is proving to be one of the most essential factors in corporate success. We want to have a culture which allows initiative, demands independent thinking and collaboration and is supported by our common system of values. This is both an opportunity and an obligation for each and every one of us to play an active part in shaping the future. Acknowledging our corporate mission statement challenges us all not only to ensure that we achieve our common goals but also to account for how we do it. Whatever part of our organisation we may work in, at whatever level or in whatever function, this mission statement is intended to guide our actions and allow us to shape the future together. Our corporate mission statement is our way of identifying what is important to us, what goals we have set ourselves and how we want to achieve them. It helps us focus the image we project to the outside world and create our identity. We can use it to create the framework for our corporate strategy.

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