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Stuccos and renders

KEIM Base renders

Use the right render from the start.

High-performance dry mortar for base render based on lime-cement

Mineral renders for each application, irrespective of whether for heavy wall materials or especially for high heat insulating masonry.

Carefully selected sands and finely adjusted binders ensure a safe and high-performance result. The high demands on quality and the strict practical tests make it possible to constantly produce top-quality results.

KEIM Base render system

KEIM Standardputz

Normal plastering mortar according to DIN EN 998-1 based on lime-cement with small organic additives. Corresponds to mortar category CS II according to DIN EN 998-1. Can be used as a base and finishing plaster for exterior, interior and damp areas.

Colour shade
filler knife, trowel, rendering machine
1,4 kg/m² per mm
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measureQuantity on pallet
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