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Creative Design

KEIM Artist paints - materials for breathtaking creativity

Pure silicate paints for artful, weatherproof, environmentally friendly and lightfast murals for interior and exterior. 

Timelessly beautiful: Decorative painting techniques with KEIM artist paints

When creative, technically high-quality and optically attractive design solutions are demanded. Expressive works of art are especially popular, and in representative buildings and very sophisticated architecture, they are particularly effective and striking. KEIM supports creativity with a comprehensive product range for high-quality works of art. One of the main advantages of KEIM Artist Paints is that interruptions cause no problems because the fixing of the work of artwork takes place separately and subsequently (KEIM A-technique).

Overview of KEIM artist paints

KEIM Artist Paints

Stains, mixed in distilled water. Pure silicate paints for decorative, weatherproof, environmentally friendly and lightfast wall painting indoors and outdoors. It can be applied both opaque and glazed. KEIM KΓΌnstlerfarben (Artists' Paints) stand out with unmatched luminosity and durability. The air and moisture exchange of the substrate is maintained - plaster and masonry therefore remain solid and healthy.

Colour shade
30 shades available.
paint brush
Consumption is to be determined by sampling surfaces.
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measure

KEIM Malgrundmasse

The KEIM Malgrundmasse is particularly well suited as an image carrier for KEIM KΓΌnstlerfarben (Artists' Paints). This ready-mixed mortar contains genuine Carrara marble.

Colour shade
filler knife, power stirrer, notched trowel, trowel, fill
7 kg/mΒ²
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measureQuantity on pallet
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