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If it doesn't fit on the outside - our effective alternative in tried and tested quality.

KEIM interior-insulation system iPor - the effective alternative

It is unfortunately the case that those buildings with the most artistically decorative facades have the worst heat insulation, but in most cases they also feature generously-sized rooms and interior spaces. 10 cm less for a cosy home. With our KEIM interior climate systems, you don't have to make any more compromises. Why not just find out for yourself! There are good reasons for interior insulation.

  • Richly decorated facades
  • Elaborate details
  • Residential property in a multiple-dwelling house
  • Temporary building use
  • Adherence with the construction boundaries

Mould protection, functional interior insulation or a premium solution?

Depending on demands and expectations, you can configure your system for simple mould protection, functional interior insulation or as a premium structure with the best possible climate properties for interior spaces. All variations have one in thing in common: they can be created using just three components, and require little effort.

Interior insulation systems do not have to be wrapped-up airtight from the ambient air – quite the opposite, in fact: One realisation has become increasingly more prominent: that capillary-active systems, which can deal with the moisture that occurs in room air, have shown themselves to be far less prone to installation errors or subsequent penetration, as well as having a particularly positive influence on the room climate. Calculations can easily furnish proof of which thermal bridges establish themselves.

In the case of insulation panel thicknesses starting from 50 mm, the system should always be well planned and recalculated, to ensure that the result continues to please over the long term.

Why a KEIM iPor system?

The iPor system is a capillary-active interior insulation system that is easy-to-create and which is open to diffusion. Complicated installation details for creating a vapour-tight level are not necessary. To prevent thermal bridges occurring on jambs or integrated interior walls, reliable accessories are available.

KEIM iPor system products

KEIM Glassfibre-Reinforcing-Mesh 4x4

Glassfiber Reinforceing Mesh 4x4mm (Turado)

Supplied in 55 sq. m rolls, this Glassfibre Reinforcing Mesh is ideal for use to reinforce KEIM Turado.

Colour shade
1,1 m²/m²
Packaging Accessory
Product nameType of containerLength [m]m² per bundlem² per palletBundle per pallet
Glasfaser-Gittermatte 4x4roll50551,81533
Mesh width
4 x 4 mm
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