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Creative Design

KEIM Colourwash

Interior paint to create limewash aesthetics without the hassle of traditional limewash

Creative Design

The easiest way to create the limewash look

Suitable for bare and previously painted walls and ceilings, create a limewash aesthetic with one coat of KEIM Colourwash BASE and one application KEIM Colourwash in one of our timeless curated shades. No art degree necessary.

    Like limewash, but better

    Unlike limewash, KEIM Colourwash creates the perfect finish in just a single coat, does not require diluting, is non-caustic and forms a permanent bond to the surface.

    • Suitable for bare and previously painted walls/ceilings
    • Chemically bonds to the substrate or mechanically to existing paint
    • Highly breathable (0.01m sd Value)
    • Ultra-low VOC (<1g/l)
    • Eco & user friendly
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