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Complimentary products

Grafitti protection

Following the tradition of treating both historic and contemporary building fabric with care and sustainability, KEIM offers graphite protection products that protect the original building fabric but do not chemically or physically impair it. The products are completely reversible. Due to these properties, they are even recommended by monument conservation authorities.

Overview of products

KEIM Wax Coating

KEIM Wax Coating is suitable for all mineral surfaces and for surfaces which have been treated with KEIM Mineral Paints. The product is made with polymers and synthetic water-based wax and is designed to be easily removed and re-applied. Graffiti can be removed using a high pressure sprayer or by using KEIM Wax Coating Graffiti Cleaner. KEIM Wax Coating has a low sheen finish and does not significantly darken the surface to which it is applied.

Colour shade
block brush, roller, airless sprayer
0,3 L/m² for two coatings.

MX Glaze

MX GlazeMX Glaze
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