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Painting your home

Designing your living room with colour

As a rule, we spend most of our time in our living rooms, cosily watching television, working in our home office, doing yoga, relaxing or reading. It is important to create the right atmosphere with the colour scheme and furniture as well as the general room layout.

Living room walls have a great impact on the feel of the room: with their colours they set the background ambience and play a crucial role in whether we feel at ease in a room or not. In this respect, a comfortable living room depends crucially on choosing the right colour for the walls.

This is something that should certainly not be left to chance, but depends totally on your own ideas and taste. From blue colours to yellow or red shades, you are free to choose from the whole, bright world of colours.

Design your living room

Which paints are suitable for your living room?

Do you want to change the colour of your living room walls or are you looking for ideas for a cosy colour scheme? As far as the walls of your living room are concerned, you can give full rein to your creativity and make your loveliest ideas come true.

Depending upon your personal taste, you can opt for white walls or choose bright colours that stimulate and inspire or make you feel calm and grounded. The range of colours for living room walls ranges from refreshing green via sensuous red to modern grey.

It is advisable not to choose a combination of too many colours for your living room. The important thing when choosing the colour for your walls is to consider furnishings and decorative elements in your concept so that the walls effectively enhance the rest of the room.  For example, a wall that is painted red can make a dark sofa the visual focus of the living room. If you have chosen Scandinavian furnishing, cold colours such as light blue for the walls create a perfect backdrop for the white furniture and the natural shades of the accessories.

If you like the timeless look, you might prefer neutral colours such as a delicate beige. This wall colour goes with nearly all furnishing styles and gives the room a light, elegant touch. You could choose pastel green for one wall to set an accent that is striking but not too dominant. Combined with dark furniture and white windows, this colour acts as a real eyecatcher in the room – calming and fresh at the same time.

But actually, it is your personal taste that plays the biggest role in choosing the colour for your living room walls, together with the impact you want this to have on the room itself in combination with your furniture. 
And finally, it also depends on how big your living room is. Colours can have a major influence on the perceived size of a room. High rooms seem lower when they have a dark ceiling and vice versa. Lighter colours on the walls make a small living room appear larger. Changing the colour of just one wall can change the visual perception of a room in terms of length and width.

If you are looking for ideas of colours that you could use for your living room walls, take a look at our colour tool and be inspired by the variety of Keim interior paints. The tool shows you our complete range of colours for your wall.

Trending colours for living rooms 2024

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  • KEIM Exclusive 9410
  • KEIM Exclusive 9482
  • KEIM Exclusive 9488
  • KEIM Exclusive 9567

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