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Key benefits for facades

Economic efficiency

It does not pay to build on the cheap – but it does pay to invest intelligently.

Applying a new exterior paint can be expensive and time-consuming. The right craftsmen need to be found, scaffolding may need to be erected, the surroundings can become damaged. Let alone all the dirt caused in the process and the way the tarpaulin obscures the windows. And naturally it also costs a lot of money to apply a new coating to the facade.

This is where mineral pays off: a coating with KEIM ecofriendly mineral exterior paints lasts for decades and is therefore more economically efficient in the long run than a conventional coating. Particularly in the building sector, the bottom line often shows quality to be the better, less expensive solution. Silicate paints, such as KEIM preserve the functionality and appearance of exterior in the long term so that they are more cost-efficient than they might seem. What counts are the "inner values" of a paint, in other words, the composition of binder, pigments, fillers and additives. KEIM paints have a mineral basis. They are manufactured using natural, inorganic ingredients such as potassium silicate as the binder which forms a chemical bond with substrates such as stone, render and concrete. The resulting coating is extremely durable and far more resistant than the purely superficial adhesion of conventional emulsion paints.

Quality is the best value solution in the long term

Those who think economically have their eyes on the future. Only time will tell what something really costs. The longer the intended period of use, the more important this aspect becomes.

The time span for a building is not measured in years but in decades or even generations, so that economic efficiency increases with the durability of the investment. It is a simple calculation that also includes the facade or exterior paint: longer renovation cycles make fewer demands on maintenance provisions.

Choosing the right exterior paint is a key factor. It is here in particular that ecofriendly, sustainable mineral paints offer real savings, because they generate only minimum maintenance costs, whilst preserving both functionality and appearance. A beautiful facade also enhances the value preservation of a building. Colour shades from the KEIM range are timeless. They blend harmoniously with their surroundings and remain brilliant, modern and UV stable decades later. Even if good facade paints cost a little more, the materials themselves actually only account for a small portion of the total costs of decoration compared to the labour involved. They make a major contribution to the long-term quality of a building. Another positive side-effect is that the environment benefits from longer renovation intervals and the use of paints based on natural raw materials.

Explore the range of KEIM interior and exterior mineral paints; they are breathable, fire resistant, long lasting, and ecofriendly.

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