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Paints by KEIM for the home of your dreams.

An investment in the future and in healthier living.

What is so special about KEIM paints?

Not all paints are the same. There are great differences between paints. Commercially available emulsion paints and acrylic or synthetic resin emulsion paints contain polymer-based binders. As a rule, they contain additional preservation and film protection agents (biocides) to inhibit e.g. bacteria contamination and mould formation.

Silicate paints by KEIM have a purely mineral basis and consist of natural raw materials. Together with lime paints, they form the family of mineral paints. Silicate paints contain potassium silicate as binder, which forms a permanent, insoluble bond with mineral substrates such as stone, render and concrete. The result is extremely durable and far more resistant than the purely superficial adhesion of commercially available emulsion paints. Our facade paints therefore remain unchanged for decades with absolute colour shade stability, because they contain only top quality UV-resistant pigments. The risk of flaking paint is ruled out when used correctly. In time, a KEIM facade coating is therefore more economically efficient than a conventional coating. The chemical composition means that mineral coatings are also far less susceptible to dirt, algae and fungi, even though no biocides are added at all.

Natural, healthy homes

Paints by KEIM put you on the safe side in terms of healthy living. All interior paints by KEIM are made without added preservation agents, solvents or plasticisers. They are therefore ideal for sensitive people such as children or allergy suffers. Living rooms, bedrooms or studies painted with mineral paints by KEIM let everyone breath freely and give a good feeling of safety. The vapour permeability of our paints lets your walls "breathe" and keeps them dry. This is important for a healthy room climate and crucial for preventing mould.

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Ecology and sustainability

Today, the choice of materials is more important than ever when it comes to ecologically optimising construction. Besides the energy consumed when a building is in use, the characteristics of the construction materials also play a role in determining the ecological footprint of a building. Even if they only make up a very small share of the materials required, the effects of paints for façades and interiors should not be underestimated. Mineral paints by KEIM present an outstanding ecological profile from raw material extraction via production, application and the entire life-cycle of the coating through to disposal. Numerous quality labels and certificates verify the high aspiration of KEIM products in terms of quality and sustainability.

Pure aesthetics in colour

Mineral colour shades have a velvety matt surface with an incomparable depth and high brilliance. They look elegant and aesthetic, and are absolutely UV-stable. Our shades from the KEIM colour range are timeless, blend harmoniously with the surroundings and can be perfectly combined. Almost all colour requests are possible. Special silicate paints by KEIM are available for every substrate, whether render, wood or concrete.

KEIM advocates professional painters

KEIM works together closely with professional painters and architects to achieve the best possible results for your house. Ask your professional specialist about purchasing KEIM products, designing your living space and protecting your facade. 

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