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KEIM Innostar: Excellent white paint for healthy living

KEIM Innostar offers an extremely attractive shade of white which really brings out the very best from any room or space.

Ultimate coverage interior paint

KEIM Innostar is highly efficient and economical. The innovative paint covers extremely well; only one coat is needed in the majority of cases. KEIM Innostar barely splatters when being applied and is fast, safe and productive to use.

KEIM Innostar is free from any plasticisers, solvents and preservatives. The paint is practically odour-free so that the rooms can be occupied quickly. KEIM Innostar is also disinfectant resistant.

Tips and tricks for paint professionals

How to apply KEIM Innostar

Colour trends 2024

  • KEIM Avantgarde 247
  • KEIM Avantgarde 248
  • KEIM Avantgarde 32
  • KEIM Avantgarde 41
  • KEIM Exclusive 9176
  • KEIM Exclusive 9271
  • KEIM Exclusive 9432
  • KEIM Exclusive 9494

KEIM Innostar system products

KEIM Innostar

KEIM Innostar is an ultra opaque, high-yield ready-to-use sol-silicate paint for interior use. The one-coat paint is healthy for the home, without added preservatives and combines maximum covering power with high yield. Suitable for all standard interior wall and ceiling surfaces. This premium paint quality is characterised by an excellent processing profile, high safety in application and an excellent noble white tone. KEIM Innostar Meets the requirements of DIN 18363 para. 2.4.1 for dispersion silicate paint (wet abrasion class 1 according to DIN EN 13300). KEIM Innostar is awarded with Cradle to Cradle Certifiedยฎ Silver and C2C Certified Material Health Certificateโ„ข Gold.

Colour shade
White and colour shades. Can be tinted with KEIM PPF-Technologyยฎ according to all common colour collections.
roller, airless sprayer, block brush
125 mL/mยฒ for a single coating.
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measureQuantity on pallet
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