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Woolton House, Newbury, Berkshire

Project Location: Newbury, Berkshire

Products used: KEIM Spachtel, KEIM Algicid, KEIM Soldalit Fixativ, KEIM Contact Plus, KEIM Soldalit-ME

Applicators: Herridge Decorators Ltd, www.herridgedecorators.co.uk



About this project

Woolton House stands as a testament to the architectural prowess of the past. Constructed during the 18th century and remodelled in the 1930s, this magnificent estate exudes an air of elegance and grandeur.

Reading-based Herridge Decorators undertook removal and reinstatement of areas of deterioration, replacing failed cement render with lime render. One of the key advantages of lime render is its breathability, allowing moisture to evaporate from the building's walls and preventing the accumulation of dampness and subsequent damage. The use of lime render in conjunction with the vapour permeability of KEIM Mineral Paints ensures restored areas remain structurally sound and free from the detrimental effects of trapped moisture.

The application of impermeable acrylic-bound coatings over historic limewash had contributed to delamination and required removal back to a sound edge prior to redecoration. Surface breathability cannot be restored unless impermeable coatings are removed, however if sound and well adhered to the underlying substrate, redecoration using KEIM Mineral Paints remains possible. KEIM Mineral Paints chemically bond to bare mineral substrates and chemically bond to sound existing paints, providing surface protection and UV stable pigment.

Following recent wet weather, organic growth has become more apparent on surfaces retaining moisture which are unable to dry out.  Green algae can cultivate on any exterior surface retaining moisture, including elevations of a property and particularly at lower levels. Fortunately, removal is straightforward using a mild detergent and reoccurrence can be prevented by treating surfaces with fungicidal primer, KEIM Algicid, 24 hours prior to paint application

Polymer and acrylic-based repair materials are unsuitable for use with mineral paints, therefore minor cracking and repair work was completed using KEIM Spachtel, a ready-mixed and easy-to-use paste filler with mineral fibres.

Patch repairs were blended with the surrounding substrate using KEIM Contact Plus, a lightly aggregated paint also suitable for disguising surface imperfections and filling hairline cracks. Application of KEIM Contact Plus is suitable onto isolated areas up to a natural breakline or over entire elevations.

The high porosity of lime render needs to be equalised without compromising breathability before painting. Also suitable for consolidating previously limewashed substrates, KEIM Soldalit Fixativ, a potassium silicate primer, was applied to prepare surfaces where required.

Redecoration was completed in bespoke colours to match the historic scheme using two coats of KEIM Soldalit-ME, with added protection against airborne contaminants typical of rural locations, in addition to the reduction of toxic gasses and A2-s1, d0 fire certification.

David Herridge of Herridge Decorators commented; โ€œWe've been using KEIM products for many years and knew how suitable they would be for a project of this nature and scale.  The products were easy to apply and the colour consistency over large areas is very impressive.  The client was really happy with the colour choices and finishes.โ€

Preserving our heritage buildings is a responsibility we should all embrace. By entrusting the restoration work to professionals like Herridge Decorators, we can ensure that these architectural treasures continue to stand tall for generations to come.

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