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Local References in UK | 11.01.2023

Union Court, Clapham


  • KEIM Restauro Lasur
  • KEIM Restauro Fixativ

Architect: GPAD Architects

Clients Project Manager: Hart Dixon

Main Contractor: Woodland Corporate Interiors

Decorators: Restore & Preserve (Phase 1) & Chameleon Brick Services Ltd (Phase 2)

Location: 20-22 Union Court, Union Road, Clapham, London, SW4 6JP

Project Photographs: KEIM Mineral Paints Ltd

Completed: 2022

About this project

Union Court is located in the Clapham area of South West London. It is made up of bright and varied workspaces to rent.

Anton Boekhoudt of KEIM Mineral Paints was contacted by GPAD Architects as they were looking to update and change the façade of the building from a plain stock yellow brick colour. The architect wanted to use a breathable coating as a way of changing the appearance. Changes were also to be made to the window details and signage for the building along with new cladding areas. From their conversation an initial site unseen specification was produced.

Following a site visit with the architect and Anton, sample trials commenced. Anton initially produced seven samples using KEIM Soldalit and KEIM Restauro Lasur in a selection of colours. Once GPAD Architects reviewed the samples, two further samples were applied on a larger scale. One sample with the mortar joints painted using KEIM Restauro Lasur and the other without. The preferred option was the brick faces painted only.

KEIM Restauro Fixativ was applied to all brick faces and mortar joints. A 1:1 ratio mix of KEIM Restauro Lasur, in colour RB001, and KEIM Restauro Fixativ was then applied to the brick faces only. Two decorating companies worked on this project – Restore & Preserve and Chameleon Brickwork, who both used different techniques. Restore & Preserve used a spray technique after masking up all mortar joints, whereas Chameleon Brickwork hand painted each brick face. Both techniques have worked brilliantly, and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Graeme Winestone of GPAD Architects commented β€œWe are delighted with the service that KEIM offered, including plenty of colour choices and on-site samples that allowed us and the client to make an informed colour choice for the finish of the brickwork.

The existing building was given a new lease of life by the use of KEIM Paints, creating a uniform brick colour which complemented the new façade alterations.

Frequent site visits provided by KEIM gave us peace of mind with regards to surface preparation and application of the KEIM products producing a very satisfactory end results.”

Products used in this project

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