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Property in Cornwall

Product:  KEIM Twinstar

Applicator: Airborn Painting & Decorating

Project photographs: Airborn Painting & Decorating

Completed: 2022

About this project

This property in a picturesque town in Cornwall, was in need of some TLC. The exterior walls are exposed to the seaside climes, making it perfect as the first project in the UK to use KEIM Twinstar, 2in1 masonry exterior paint.

Prior to re-decoration, it was recommended that the painted stone gable walls were stripped back to enable the property to breathe, which reduces the paint from blistering and flaking due to moisture being trapped within the substate. KEIM Twinstar, in colour 9354, was applied by KEIM lover, Ry Spencely of Airborn Painting & Decorating.  

KEIM Twinstar is the latest exterior and masonry paint solution, designed to โ€˜buy you timeโ€™ with its 2in1 system where paint is applied wet on wet. Thereโ€™s no drying time between coats, which reduces waiting, labour and time. It allows a two-coat paint in one work step.

Simply mix and apply the paint undiluted, straight from the bucket to โ€˜saturateโ€™ the surface, then apply more of the same paint working into the existing wet paint layer.

The decorator commented, โ€œAnother top quality product from KEIM. Application was very nice, itโ€™s a thick chunky product as youโ€™d expect and it covered a dream. The finished look was that signature luxurious KEIM super matt finish, all the while itโ€™s letting the building breathe. Winner!โ€

Ry Spencely of Airborn Painting & Decorating

KEIM Twinstar is the latest product development, designed specifically to speed up application and project time, whilst offering the full suite of sustainability credentials associated with KEIM.

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