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Wroclaw railway station

The complete refurbishment of Wroclaw Central Station from March 2010 to June 2012 was a major project that included the restoration and redesign of the entire building ensemble as well as the renewal of the technical infrastructure. A particular focus was on the restoration of valuable artefacts such as decorative paintings, ceiling paintings and historical furnishings. All work was subject to strict conservation requirements. One of the challenges was to convert or adapt numerous interior rooms and room complexes to new forms of use by carrying out some major remodelling work. It was important that all interventions in the historical substance were highlighted by the use of modern building materials such as glass, steel and concrete or by an appropriate colour scheme and design. This ensured a harmonious connection between historical heritage and contemporary functionality.

Wilhelm Grapow
Budimex S.A.
Romuald SoΕ‚dek
Breslau, Poland
  • Soldalit
  • Optil
  • Biosil
  • Restauro-System
  • Silex-OH
  • Lotexan-N
  • Reversil
  • Concretal-Lasur

Historic colour version in orange ochre

The restorers were faced with a particular challenge when restoring the colour scheme of the main building with the counter hall. The findings left no doubt that the historical colour scheme was characterised by an intense orange ochre, but due to the extremely few layers of plaster and paint that had survived, it was almost impossible to determine the exact colour scheme of numerous details such as balustrades, tracery and battlements. After much debate and the application of two large-scale trial coats of paint, a compromise solution was found whereby the moderate grey-blue colour originally envisaged in the new design was replaced by the historic orange ochre, while the details were given a light brown tone and the battlements were painted in brown ochre. The final result of the renovation work leaves no doubt about the correctness of this decision - the restoration of the historical colour scheme gives the building a special expressiveness.

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