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Lichtturm Solingen

The Lichtturm is a former water tower in Solingen-GrΓ€frath, located on the edge of a nature reserve. The tower's former water reservoir is now a light-flooded glass-domed hall with a great view of the Bergisches Land and an ideal venue for conferences, workshops or cultural events. The lower floors serve as an extraordinary showroom for the regionally and sustainably produced light collection of the company Licht im Raum. After 15 years, the tower received a new coat of KEIM Twinstar in the upper area. The painting was carried out with the help of a variable working platform. Thus, even the hard-to-reach parts at the top of the shaft could be easily reached. KEIM Twinstar was perfectly suited for this due to its innovative 2in1 technology (priming and finishing coat in one work step).

Scheven, Figge und A3 Architekten
Jule Dinnebier
Peter Meuter
Solingen, Germany
  • Twinstar
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