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KEIM AquaROYAL system


The KEIM AquaROYAL-MW thermal insulation composite system is thick-layered, non-combustible, sustainable, woodpecker-safe, biocide-free and counteracts microbial growth in terms of building physics.

Added value through

Proof of the fulfilment of the highest demands on environmental, health and usage properties: the award of the "Blue Angel" to our ETIC-System KEIM AquaROYAL-MW.

  • KEIM's premium quality mineral paints - in a unique system
  • unrivalled resistance to algae or fungi
  • guaranteed biocide-free and non-flammable
  • mineral, sustainable, valuable & long-lasting


  • solid masonry
  • concrete
  • aerated concrete
  • vertically perforated brick
  • in each case with and without plaster
  • if necessary, proof of adhesive tensile strength โ‰ฅ 0.08 N/mmยฒ, in the system lamella, bonded
  • if necessary, priming with KEIM Indulaqua

Approval and determination

  • non-combustible A2 s1, d0 according to DIN EN 13501
  • up to 100 m building height (observe state building regulations!)
  • KEIM approval Z-33.43-185 (glued + dowelled)
  • lamella up to 200 mm, glued: KEIM approval Z-33.44-188 (glued)

System overview

ejotherm H1

Universal impact dowel consisting of plastic dowel with plastic plate and pre-assembled composite nail (steel/polyamide) plastic screw.

European Technical Assessment (ETA): ETA-11/0192 For the surface-flush installation of insulation panels in KEIM WDV systems in accordance with system approval:

Z-33.43-185 ; Z-33.46-1187 ; Z-33.4.1-45 ; Z-33.41-188, Z-33.43-942; Z-33.49-1505.

Generally approved by building authorities for: exterior walls; window and door reveals

Suitable for: Masonry or concrete, rendered and unrendered; ETICS upgrade system.

ejotherm H1 is suitable for dowelling fire bars.

Colour shade
Plate diameter
60 mm
Dowel length [mm]Drill hole depth, flush installationPanel thickness [mm]Pieces per unit
9535 mm (55 mm)40 (-)*100
11535 mm (55 mm)60 (20)*100
13535 mm (55 mm)80 (40)*100
15535 mm (55 mm)100 (80)*100
17535 mm (55 mm)120 (100)*100
19535 mm (55 mm)140 (120)*100
21535 mm (55 mm)160 (140)*100
23535 mm (55 mm)180 (140)*100
25535 mm (55 mm)200 (160)*100
27535 mm (55 mm)220 (180)*100
Packaging additional info
* Usage category A, B, C, (D, E); Standard values for old building substrates
Product nameType of containerPieces per unit
Dรผbelteller ejotherm VT 90carton100
Dรผbelteller ejotherm SBL 140 Pluscarton100
ejotherm H1

KEIM Glassfibre-Reinforcing-Mesh 6x6

Glassfiber Reinforceing Mesh 6x6 mm

Supplied in 55 sq. m rolls, this Glassfibre Reinforcing Mesh is ideal for use to reinforce the KEIM render systems such as Universal Render, Universal Render Fine and NHL Kalkputz.

Colour shade
1,1 mยฒ/mยฒ
Packaging Accessory
Product nameType of containerLength [m]m² per bundlem² per palletBundle per pallet
Glasfaser-Gittermatte 6x6roll50551,81533
Mesh width
6 x 6 mm

KEIM Mineralputz

High-quality, mineral, thin-layer, lightweight plaster as rough plaster, grain size 5 mm on the basis of white lime, white cement and valuable marble aggregates. In combination with KEIM Putzgrund as finishing plaster for mineral substrates. Top coat for external thermal insulation composite systems.

Colour shade
natural white
power stirrer, feed pump, filler knife, trowel, rendering machine
5 kg/mยฒ
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measureQuantity on pallet
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