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Embracing History - An Islington Ugly Ducking

Product: KEIM Soldalit

Contractor: Tettmar Property Solutions

Project Photographs: Joshua Page Photography & e.g. architects

Instagram: @joshuapage.photo / @e.g.architects

Completed: 2023


About this project

The structure

This residential property emerged from the ashes of a World War II bomb site formerly occupied by a coach house, and was constructed circa 1945 by a local postman to serve as a family home.


The distinctive characteristics

Surrounded by grand white stucco houses, this property was a joyful oddity amongst the archetypal street. With an off-centre pitch, horizonal windows and a central door, the owner was keen to work with and improve the existing fabric.


The renovation

The property had been re-built under a new centred pitched roof extending across two storeys to the rear. Stepping down at ground floor to a deep brick-finned faรงade opening onto a protected and peaceful walled garden.

At the front, the old and new bricks were sewn together under a coat of bagged lime wash and mineral paint and insulated internally. The rendered base speaks to its stuccoed neighbours and grounds the building; the subtle depth of the relief creates a play of light across the front facade in the evening sun, celebrating its distinctive character.


The owner had been aware of the unique properties of mineral paints for allowing bricks to be painted but crucially to breathe, understanding so often houses are painted with non-breathable paints and the suffocated bricks lead to condensation. A mineral paint was required that can be painted over brickwork as well as the rendered base.

The owner reached out and arranged a site visit with James Best, Senior Sales Executive at KEIM Mineral Paints. Following his expert guidance, it was recommended to utilize KEIM Soldalit for the project. Samples of five distinct shades of white were provided for testing across various faรงade orientations and times of day.

The owner ultimately selected KEIM Soldalit in colour 9870, commenting โ€œIt is the perfect white. It is warm without being yellow and looks great in direct sunlight, shadow and of course our many overcast days.โ€

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