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Blog | 10.07.2023

KEIM Twinstar at a glance

KEIM Twinstar โ€“ the exterior paint system that โ€˜buys you timeโ€™ and therefore saves you cost

What makes our new, masonry paint KEIM Twinstar so special? What benefit does it offer to decorators, contractors, or homeowners? How easy is it to apply? We answer these and other questions in this article;

What are the outstanding properties of our new exterior paint, KEIM Twinstar?

In brief, Twinstar will โ€˜buy you time!โ€™ Time to move on to the next project more quickly, time to move back into the newly painted building quicker than using other paint systems.

How soโ€ฆ..?

Twinstar is the first 2in1 coating designed for exterior masonry surfaces. It is not a one coat paint, but a two in one application, by that we mean you can (and should) apply the paint โ€˜wet on wet.โ€™ Simply mix and apply the paint undiluted, straight from the bucket to โ€˜saturateโ€™ the surface, then apply more of the same paint working into the existing wet paint layer.

No drying time needed between steps, and no waiting! Itโ€™s two coats in one work step.

What benefit does KEIM Twinstar offer to decorators, contractors, or homeowners?

Keeping with the โ€˜buying you timeโ€™ concept, KEIM Twinstar is the first exterior system in the world where two coats can be applied in a single operation. There is no need for drying time between applying the first and second coat.

How ingeniousโ€ฆ.! It saves painting companies, decorators, and contractors a complete work step; a huge time advantage. No need to wait or return to site once the first coat has dried. No need to wait longer than necessary for scaffolding to be dismantled, with possibly only one lifting platform needed for one day of painting.

Youโ€™ll have delighted residents, where windows are not masked off for long periods of time, with roads and access passable again far sooner.

The extra benefitโ€ฆ it is ideal for our more unpredictable climes, can be applied in shorter weather windows; perfect for the UK!

How easy is KEIM Twinstar to apply?

It is supplied ready to use, straight from the bucket. Apply using a roller, brush, or airless spray.

Itโ€™s suitable for common mineral substrates. Simply mix, apply to saturation, pick up more paint, and roll over the surface again. No waiting time. No drying time.

Total material application is >0.45 kg/mยฒ.

How does it work?

In principle, KEIM Twinstar can be applied like any other exterior coating. There are only a few things to bear in mind when it comes to the painting technique. The paint must be applied wet on wet. The base coat and top coat are applied in a single pass. It is advantageous if two painters work together as a team here. Our video  explains this step by step. In addition to rolling, airless spraying is also possible.

Does KEIM Twinstar feature the same eco-friendly qualities as the rest of the portfolio?

It certainly does! Here are just some of them;

  • Provides reliable protection against fouling but without the addition of biocides
  • Its water vapour permeability allows the painted surfaces to breathe
  • Offers protection from frost and water damage
  • Its antistatic, non-thermoplastic behaviour reduces dust and dirt
  • Wonโ€™t become brittle with age or peel
  • Colour UV stable

More information can be found on the KEIM Twinstar product page

How colour-stable and economical is KEIM Twinstar?

As with our other exterior paint systems, KEIM Twinstar is colour stable. Colours will remain as fresh as the day they were painted for years. Unlike conventional exterior paints, using KEIM Twinstar means it wonโ€™t need re-painting after 10 or 12 years. Think of the cost savings, not just for purchase of the paint, but labour, scaffolding, and equipment too!

What about colour / shade availability?

KEIM Twinstar is available in white as well as light to medium shades. Get in touch to find out more.

Has KEIM Twinstar been accredited or certified?

KEIM Twinstar is both natureplus certified and Cradle to Cradleยฎ Certifiedโ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹ in silver. Both awards mean that the paint is particularly sustainable.

You can read more about the sustainability of KEIM exterior paintsโ€ฏhere.โ€ฏ

The paint is also non-combustible /fire resistant, making it particularly pertinent for residential buildings over 11 metres in height

What do painters say about KEIM Twinstar?

"Another top quality product from KEIM.

Application was very nice, itโ€™s a thick chunky product as youโ€™d expect and it covered a dream. The finished look was that signature luxurious KEIM super matt finish, all the while itโ€™s letting the building breathe. Winner! 

This will be my go to masonry paint now on."

Ry Spencely of Airborn Painting & Decorating

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