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Blog | 25.01.2023

Creative design techniques with KEIM fillers

Creative design techniques to replicate the look of concrete and rust, and the use of metallic effects are currently more in demand than ever before. Architects and builders are demanding greater individuality and originality in the design of interiors and modern façades. To meet these demands, both traditional and modern design techniques are used. Especially in the field of creative filler or application, there is a great deal of design freedom for creative minds: from rustic, matt to high-gloss surfaces, everything is possible. There is, on the one hand, the current trend towards naturalness and, on the other, the penchant for shine and glamour determine the choice of material.

Personal style also determines the originality of surface design. Creative fabricators achieve design success when they combine their own skills and creativity using the properties and potential of the selected materials in the best possible way.

Thanks to innovative research, the quality and range of Keim's creative products has been continuously developed. This means that creative people can make use of an extensive product range with the most modern materials and a large selection of colours. This makes it child's play to create technically high-quality and visually attractive design solutions.


It does not have to be complicated to create an extraordinary wall design. With simple materials and tools such as foil, brooms, texture rollers, nail boards and even your own fingers, you can produce creative, individual and unique effects. For maximum creative freedom, it is advisable to experiment and play with a wide variety of materials. In doing so, you quickly develop your own approach using both new and traditional techniques. The most important thing is to dare to try something new - completely independent of trends and standard techniques that you see everywhere. Because that is the only way to develop an individual signature and achieve creative freedom.

We played around a bit with foil, brooms and a nail board and were able to create these great effects.

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