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Who we are

KEIM. The craft of producing paint. More than 140 years of lasting value.

Paints with tradition

The cornerstone of our success story was laid when the craftsman and natural scientist Adolf Wilhelm Keim was granted the patent for the mineral paints he developed in 1878. "KEIM Mineral Paints" are considered synonymous with colour brilliance and unrivaled longevity. The working principle of their unequaled longevity has always remained the same up to today: the silicate binder waterglass forms an inseparable chemical bond with the mineral substrate during the chemical process of silicification. Peeling paint layers, such as those seen with synthetic resin paints, are eliminated when using a mineral-silicate coating.

Paints for people and architecture

The development of innovative and even revolutionary products is visible throughout the long history of our company. Mineral paints by KEIM are a constant feature in architectural history of the 20th and 21st century: from the Historicist Movement via Art Nouveau and Bauhaus through to todayβ€˜s spectacular deconstructivist buildings. For generations, they have inspired renowned architects, craftsmen and artists and are used wherever high aesthetic, health and building physics demands are placed on architecture and colour design.

Paints with systems 

Today, we are the world's leading specialist for mineral building protection systems producing the most durable, purely mineral-based paints and system solutions for building exteriors and interiors. With products and services ranging from mineral plasters and fillers, wood systems, products for concrete repair and concrete cosmetics to thermal insulation systems for interior and exterior spaces as well as natural stone systems.

Paints made in Germany

From company headquarters in Germany, subsidiaries in Europe and the USA as well as worldwide sales partners: KEIM is available on the local scale everywhere to offer you top quality products and services around the globe.

Our mission

"To produce the most natural, brilliant, healthy and durable paints, in other words, the best paints in the world!"

Vision and strategy

Adolf Wilhelm Keim felt an obligation to sustainability long before it had become a catchword. Up until today this premise shapes the way we think and do business way beyond the innovative use of natural raw materials, by creating regional jobs, showing due appreciation for our employees and being careful in the way we handle our limited resources.


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The craft of producing paint

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