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Exterior paints

KEIM ROYALAN: Paint for extreme climatic conditions

KEIM Royalan is especially formulated for extreme coastal and tropical climates. It is a one-component system, ready for painting and spraying.

Why KEIM Royalan?

KEIM Royalan paints are a generic development of KEIM mineral paints, engineered to meet the challenges of extreme climatic conditions. KEIM mineral paints are renowned for their proven durability which lasts for decades.

A range of more than 200 standard shades plus custom colours provides a wide variety of creative possibilities.

(Note: This product is not available on the German market!)

KEIM Royalan system products

KEIM Royalan

KEIM Royalan is a ready-to-use mineral silicate paint system for exterior use in subtropical or tropical climates. It offers water-repellent properties, high vapour permeability and forms an insoluble chemical bond with the mineral substrate.

KEIM Royalan can be used for all mineral, absorbent substrates. Due to the excellent product properties, this coating material is particularly suitable for old and new surfaces. In combination with the KEIM Royalan system products, a wide variety of applications are possible.

Colour shade
Colour shades are available.
block brush, roller, airless sprayer
0,4 kg/m² for two coatings.
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measureQuantity on pallet

KEIM Royalan-Dilution

Thinner and primer for KEIM Royalan system products. Reacts chemically with the mineral surface. The product consists of liquid potassium silicate, pure acrylate, stabilisers and additives.

Colour shade
block brush, to flood
0,15 L/m² for application as primer.
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measureQuantity on pallet
jerry can20L24
jerry can5L96
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