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Design with colour

Painting interiors with mineral paints

We spend most of our life inside.  For well-being, a healthy room with non polluting air is more important than ever before.

When you choose mineral paints for your house or home, you eliminate the risk of allergic reactions. Compared to most conventional wall paints, ecological paints by KEIM are healthy due to their mineral characteristics and ingredients, with no added preservation agents, solvents or plasticisers which can contaminate room air.

Inspiration for your walls

Which colours are best suited for outlining the character of your own four walls? The following pages provide tips and ideas about which colours are best for painting living rooms, children's rooms and bedrooms.

Ideas and tips

Designing walls with paint

A new apartment with white walls and ceilings often looks like a blank sheet of paper. Many people choose white paint to avoid colour conflicts with furniture and home accessories.  Painting with colour can be very effective to give walls an individual look. The quickest way to creative interior design is to paint one wall in a different colour. This not only sets visual accents, but also influences the overall effect of a room.

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Find the right colour quickly and easily

Get inspired by the KEIM colour tool

Browsing through colour charts can be very helpful and inspiring when it comes to getting a first impression of what colour you personally would like to see on your walls.

With our KEIM colour tool, you can experience the variety of mineral colour shades in just one application from the comfort of your own home.

In addition, you can use our colour tool to quickly, easily and conveniently determine shade details, price groups as well as feasibilities of KEIM products and colour shades. 

Have fun browsing!

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