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Natural stone repair

KEIM Restauro-glaze: Preserving and restoring

Protection and colouring natural stone with KEIM Restauro products in sol-silicate technology.

Natural stone - a building material with history

KEIM Restauro Glaze has been specially optimised to recreate the colour of the original stone. This paint applied in thin coats perfectly ensures the alignment of the colour with the original substance and appears matt and mineral.

    Advantages of KEIM Restauro-Glaze

    • Highly open to diffusion
    • UV-stable in all components
    • Low tendency to get dirty
    • Microporous
    • Weather resistant
    • Controlled setting
    • Low-tension setting
    • Acid resistant
    • Easy to process and use

    Overview of KEIM Restauro-Glaze system products

    KEIM Restauro-Lasur

    Ready-to-use thin-layer paint on sol-silicate basis with KEIM Restauro-Fixativ as thinner and primer. Especially suitable for glazing colour design of sandstone surfaces, e.g. for colour matching of repairs to the original stone substance.

    Colour shade
    White and colour shades. Monochrome shades 9001L-9010L available. For feasibility see colour tool at www.keim.com.
    paint brush
    approx. 0,15 l/mยฒ for two coatings.
    Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measureQuantity on pallet
    KEIM Restauro-Fixativ

    Primer and thinner for KEIMRestauro-Lasur.

    Colour shade
    paint brush
    approx. 0,2 l/mยฒ for application as primer.
    approx. 0,1 - 0,2 l/mยฒ fรผr einen zweimaligen Lasuranstrich
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