KEIM Soldalit®– a modern sol-silicate based paint for use on mineral and previously painted substrates.

KEIM Soldalit is a highly developed multi purpose exterior sol silicate paint system based on a combination of KEIM potassium silicate and silica sol binding agents, forming a chemical bond to mineral substrates and a mechanical bond to existing paint coatings.

KEIM Soldalit is ideal for application onto both previously painted and mineral substrates, combining the benefits of a classic mineral paint with simplicity of application.

KEIM Soldalit is a modern, innovative mineral paint which creates lightfast and UV resistant coatings with enhanced condensation resistance which are extremely durable and resistant to weathering.  

Keim Soldalit - Key features and benefits
  • Extreme long life/durable
  • Weathering protection/waterproof
  • Breathable/highly moisture vapour permeable 
  • Economical and easy to apply 
  • Inherently incombustible
  • For use on mineral and previously painted substrates
  • Low VOC and no solvents 
  • Lightfast/colourfast and UV stable
  • Silicate matt surface appearance
  • Environmentally friendly, ISO14001
  • Natureplus Certification


KEIM Soldalit®

Multi-purpose, sol-silicate exterior paint 

Colour shade
White, KEIM Palette exclusiv, Avantgarde swatch and monochrome shades 9001 – 9012

Brush, roller and airless spraying (spraying information)

For two coats: approx. 0.45 kg/m²

5 kg and 25 kg containers
White only - 5 kg and 18 kg containers

KEIM Soldalit®-Grob

Base coat for filling hairline cracks and textural variations

Colour shade

Brush, roller

For one coat: approx. 0.25 kg/m²

5 kg and 18 kg containers

KEIM Soldalit®-Fixativ

Silicate based primer for highly absorbent substrates

5 lt and 20 lt containers

Consumption per m²
Depending on the surface absorbency as primer approx. 0.1 - 0.2 lt

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