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KEIM Plinth Connection

The correct execution of an ETIC Systems plinth often requires special measures, e.g. with respect to protection against moisture. Special insulation panels are often needed. In such cases, separating the plinth from the ETIC Systems is recommended. The KEIM plinth-end profile guarantees a proper and aesthetically-attractive design and execution.

Products overview

KEIM Indulastic-P

Dispersion component for the production of an adhesive compound for base and perimeter insulation boards, as well as a mineral, paintable moisture protection.

Must be mixed 1:1 with cement (CEM I 32.5).

Colour shade
power stirrer, filler knife, trowel
4 kg/m² as adhesive or reinforcement.
approx. 1 kg/m² als Feuchteschutz
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measureQuantity on pallet

KEIM Bitucoll 2K-Plus

Highly flexible, two-component, polystyrene foam-filled, plastic-modified bitumen thick coating (PMBC). For bonding perimeter and base insulation boards.

Suitable for Masonry or concrete, rendered and unrendered; building sealing.

Also suitable as moisture protection at the base of unfinished buildings on normally absorbent substrates. As building waterproofing only on request.

Colour shade
2 - 3 L for gluing.
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