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KEIM Ceramic EPS

Our KEIM Keramik ETIC system offers a wide range of design options.

Added value through

  • valuable clinker optics
  • high design flexibility e.g. combination facades
  • high application safety
  • free choice among manufacturers of suitable ceramics


  • solid masonry
  • Concrete
  • aerated concrete
  • vertically perforated brick, in each case with and without plaster
  • if necessary, proof of adhesive tensile strength ≥ 0.08 N/mm2
  • If necessary, prime with KEIM Indulaqua

Approval and determination

  • up to approx. 100 m building height (observe state building regulations!)
  • flame retardant B1 according to DIN 4102-1 for EPS insulation materials
  • up to approx. 22 m building height (observe state building regulations!)
  • KEIM approval Z-33.46-1187

System overview

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