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Bildungslandschaft Altstadt Nord BAN KΓΆln

"Bildungslandschaft KΓΆln" is a pilot project realised as an educational alliance comprising eight educational and recreational institutions under municipal and independent sponsorship in the Cologne district of Altstadt-Nord. To this day, it remains a municipal research initiative, having set new standards in educational construction during both the planning phase and the construction process. The ambitious architectural endeavor was conceived by the architectural firm gernot schulz: architektur in Cologne and spanned a period of 13 years from inception to completion. The underlying concept aimed to establish a seamless educational network consisting of four existing schools, two youth facilities, and a new kindergarten. This setup facilitates the provision of a comprehensive "educational continuum" for all age groups at a central urban location. The vibrant and boldly coloured wall and floor surfaces stand in contrast to the mature appearance of exposed concrete elements and the impressively lofty staircases, serving as guiding markers for the children.

Gernot Schulz
Stadt KΓΆln
KΓΆln, Germany
  • Concretal-Lasur
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