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AquaROYAL system


The KEIM AquaROYAL-HFD thermal insulation composite system is sustainable, woodpecker-proof and counteracts microbial growth in terms of building physics.

Added value through

  • integration of building biologically harmless insulation materials made from renewable raw materials (natureplusยฉ certified)
  • high application safety due to:
    • non-combustible, mineral plaster constructions from KEIM
    • low soiling tendency
    • proven colour stability even for colours with HBW less than 20
    • special building physics minimisation of algae formation in the KEIM AquaROYAL system
  • close cooperation in construction site management between KEIM and GUTEX


Gutex Thermowall on timber buildings consisting of timber frame constructions or solid timber substrates, on solid mineral substrates and on timber framing.

Approval and determination

  • insulation material Gutex Thermowall/-gf
  • flame retardant B1 according to DIN 4102-1
  • insulation thicknesses 40 to 160 mm
  • use in accordance with the requirements of the state building regulations for the entire wall construction KEIM - Gutex approval Z-33.47-660 and Z-33.43-94

System overview

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