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Product: KEIM Innostar

Bredgade, Copenhagen

In Bredgade 34 (ground floor) in Copenhagen you will find Jeudan's beautiful meeting rooms. They are painted with KEIM Innostar in several different colour shades from both our Avantgarde and our Exclusiv colour palettes.

The colour shades are deep and subdued, and together with the stylish choice of furniture and other decor, the colours of the walls and ceilings play a crucial role in the overall beautiful and exclusive look.

The meeting rooms, corridors and kitchen area are painted with KEIM Innostar. Everywhere, the colour shades have been used so that they harmonise and you get a sense of calm balance when going through the rooms.

See under each picture the colour shades used in the room.

Check out our reference film on YouTube

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