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Product: KEIM Twinstar and KEIM Soldalit

The balustrade at Viborg Katedralskole

Viborg Katedralskole is one of Denmark's oldest high schools. The school building was completed in 1926. It is an elegant three-wing building inspired by classic French architecture in a neoclassical style, featuring a magnificent balustrade and an open courtyard.

The beautiful balustrade has just been painted with KEIM Twinstar and KEIM Soldalit in color 9057 from our Exclusive Palette.

In an area with heavy student traffic and demanding high-altitude painting under the balustrade, KEIM Twinstar is the perfect choice. KEIM Twinstar allows base coat and top coat to be applied with no drying time in between, which means the painting can be done quickly and efficiently. Learn more about KEIM Twinstar here.

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