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Product: KEIM Soldalit and KEIM Granital

Maltfabrikken in Ebeltoft

A former factory site. From the mid-1800s, the Malt Factory in Ebeltoft was a proud manufacturing company and an important centre of employment in the town. The factory produced malt until 1997. Today, the beautiful old industrial buildings are a centre for creative industries and culture, as well as a meeting place for the inhabitants of Ebeltoft. 

The malt factory's many buildings and facilities are located on a hillside at the coast. The elevated location emphasises the monumental character of the site.

The entire factory complex is painted in the same red colour, which gives the area a uniform appearance. Painted with KEIM Soldalit (the red facade, special colour) and KEIM Granital (the black plinth, 9008).

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