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Creative Design

Individuality and uniqueness paired with creativity

The design possibilities using mineral products are manifold. Whether in preservation of monuments, in design of interiors or in modern facade designs - the trend towards sophisticated and high-quality mineral application techniques is obvious. Increasingly creative, technically and visually attractive design solutions are demanded by the painting trade. In particular, historical smoothing techniques such as the classical lime pressing technique enjoy new popularity due to their noble appearance. 

Advantages of KEIM creative products

  • Extensive product range and large colour selection
  • Extremely long life, highly vapour permeable, lightfast etc.
  • Innovative materials open up new design possibilities
  • Great creative freedom from historical to modern

Design with colour

There are unlimited possibilities to design a room with colour!

Design with plaster

There are so many ways to design a facade. Discover them! Find out!


Creative Design

Do you want to learn more about design techniques? Take a look at our brochure.

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Overview of products for creative design

Decor paints

Individual designs and mineral radiance due to fine paint-powder components and liquid waterglass as a binding agent (KEIM B-technology).


Decorative, ready-to-use colourwashes and washes to go over conventional topcoats. Transparent elegance and delightful lightness.

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