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Product: Granital

Idrætshøjskolen Bosei

Idrætshøjskolen Bosei in Præstø is an impressively beautiful building. The facade was treated with KEIM Granital approximately 25 years ago and it has truly proven its worth and durability over the years. In 2023 a new layer of Granital has been added as part of a larger maintenance project also including windows and the roof.

Bosei has an interesting history, as it formerly belonged to a Japanese boarding school until it became a sports school in 2009, which is still affiliated with Tokai University. The buildings are a versatile center for various activities, including martial arts training, e-sports, team sports and swimming, to name a few. Tea ceremonies often take place in the beautiful premises, and then it is worth noting that Bosei places a strong emphasis on sustainability – among other things including growing its own vegetables.

KEIM has had excellent collaboration with the company Hans Larsen in Næstved, who has contributed to preserving and updating the appearance and functionality of Bosei.

Facade: KEIM Granital, special color created for the building.
Base: KEIM Granital 9285.
Ornaments: KEIM Granital White.

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