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KEIM Ecosil-ME

KEIM Ecosil-ME was developed to meet the demand for a truly environmentally friendly paint for interior application. Water based, solvent free, low VOC, non-allergenic and odourless it is ideally suited for decoration of interior areas, in particular for people with allergies.

In the box below are the standard specifications for the KEIM Ecosil-ME system - please note this is a general recommendation and more detailed technical information can be given by contacting us to arrange a site inspection. 

Important notes regarding specifications

Unpainted surfaces:
Porous surfaces, particularly lime renders and porous stone should always be treated with the initial coat of KEIM Granital dilution as detailed in the relevant specification.

Previously painted surfaces:
All coatings must be sound before redecoration.  If the existing coatings are limewash then they should be treated with the initial coat of KEIM Granital dilution (detailed in the specification) to consolidate the friable coating. 

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