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Municipal apartments in CΓ³rdoba

In CΓ³rdoba, Andalusia, architect CΓ©sar del Pino of UNIA Arquitectos has designed an urban housing project with 104 social housing units. The facades are made of prefabricated concrete slabs and are an example of the increasing innovation in the industrialisation of the building sector. For the coating of the exposed concrete, a colour was sought that would help to reduce the maintenance costs of the buildings, and the choice finally fell on the particularly durable product KEIM Soldalit. The colour design was another important challenge. After several sampling sessions, a simple gradation in various shades of green was chosen. The luminosity and colour stability of KEIM colours were convincing arguments that made the decision easier.

CΓ©sar del Pino
Stadt Cordoba
Fernando Alda
CΓ³rdoba, Spain
  • Soldalit