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KEIM Indoor Climate System


Healthy indoor climate for well-being

The indoor climate significantly determines our well-being indoors. It is the reason why some rooms seem cosy and inviting to us, while others seem rather uncomfortable or uninviting. No matter how appealing the appearance and colour of a home is, whether it is beautifully lit and furnished, if the walls are damp and mould forms, our wellbeing is affected. The comfort climate indoors is essentially dependent on factors such as:

  • Room temperature
  • Surface temperature of the walls
  • Humidity
  • Air circulation
  • Air cleanliness
  • Pollutants and allergens
  • Draught
  • Noise, light

Feel good interiors

If the indoor climate is poor it has a major effect on the indoor living and working environment. In the worst case this can create a considerable health risk and, in the medium to long term, result in allergies and potentially serious illnesses such as asthma or respiratory diseases. These can be particularly harmful for little children and elderly people with weak immune systems. KEIM has been developing and producing healthy building materials for decades.

More than 60 KEIM products have been awarded the Gold Cradle to Cradle certification, the natureplus certification and are certified β€œSuitable for Allergy Sufferers”. KEIM Indoor Climate System significantly improves air quality and gives interiors a pleasant sense of well-being.


The key to comfortable living: Optimum indoor climate

Benefits of the KEIM Indoor climate system:

  • Simple structure, easy handling
  • Hydroactive, mineral, biocidefree
  • Increase of surface temperature
  • Permeable and capillaryactive
  • Attractive appearance and colour design
  • Complete product range tested for the system
  • Noncombustible
  • No vapour barrier required
  • Protection against mould

It all depends on the right interaction

Coating, render, insulation panel

KEIM Indoor Climate System consists of various individual products which provide individually adapted design options in various combinations.


Prevention and remediation


Capillary active interior insulation


KEIM Indoor climate system

Find out how you can live healthily and save energy with our indoor climate system.




Mould fungi indoors

Learn more about the sources and possibilities of mould remediation!


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