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Complimentary products

Accessories & tools

The appropriate tools and accessories - the ideal complement to our product systems. Details matter: With good tools you are exactly right. With KEIM accessories you are always making the right choice.

NOTE:  For country-specific product information and data sheets please go to the respective official national language! The safety data sheets below are in accordance with German law!

Products overview

KEIM FassadenspritzgerΓ€t

Sprayer for large-area application of KEIM Purkristalat.



Spare parts:

No. 1 Nozzle head complete

No. 2 Quick-action valve completely mounted

No. 3 Manometer up to max. 5 bar

No. 4 Safety valve

No. 6 Pump tube with non-return valve as well as pump rod with handle and buffer completely mounted

No. 7 Set of small parts for facade spraying unit consisting of:


- 1 valve screw, 1 valve spring

- 1 valve cone with plug

- 5 O-rings

- 1 screw thread clamp

- 3 nozzle plates

- 2 filter sieves

- 3 gaskets for nozzle head*



No. 8 3 m high-pressure spray hose including screw fitting

No. 9 10 m high-pressure spray hose including screw connection

No. 10 Filling funnel with sieve

Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measure

KEIM Glassfibre-Reinforcing-Mesh 4x4

Glassfiber Reinforceing Mesh 4x4mm (Turado)

Supplied in 55 sq. m rolls, this Glassfibre Reinforcing Mesh is ideal for use to reinforce KEIM Turado.

Colour shade
1,1 mΒ²/mΒ²
Packaging Accessory
Product nameType of containerLength [m]m² per bundlem² per palletBundle per pallet
Glasfaser-Gittermatte 4x4roll50551,81533
Mesh width
4 x 4 mm
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