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Feel good paints by KEIM

Certified wall paints by KEIM to feel good with

Every colour has an effect on us. Colour creates emotion, mood and atmosphere. Every colour shade, whether green, blue, yellow or white, has a different effect. Choosing the right colour for paints, interiors and wall design therefore plays a crucial role in the feel-good atmosphere in a room. 

After choosing the right colour shade for interiors, it is also important to select the right paints. After all, the choice of paint has a considerable influence on the climate and air quality in the room.

Air contains the oxygen we need to breathe. But it also contains all kinds of problematic substances, especially in interior settings. Statistically speaking, we spend around 90 % of our lives indoors. That is around 21 hours per day in closed rooms. Whether we feel good in these rooms depends essentially on the room climate and on air quality. Healthier living is more important than ever.

But how do we actually define a healthy room climate? "That depends on various factors: temperature, humidity and the exchange of air", explains interior designer Mathias Rathke. "But the quality of air in the room and our well-being can also be impaired by emissions from building materials, paints and furniture. This can present us with certain challenges today, particularly in modern, highly insulated buildings without controlled ventilation of the rooms. I advise my clients to counteract this with vapour permeable low-emission coating systems."

The construction industry has standards for fire safety, soundproofing, thermal insulation and almost everything else, but not for protecting the health of the occupants. Room air that contains harmful substances from interior paint, not only makes it unpleasant to stay in the room but is also harmful to our health. Doctors are worried that more and more people are showing allergic reactions to more and more substances. Children are particularly affected because they react with far greater sensitivity than adults. So it really does matter which paint we decide to use in our rooms, thus influencing healthy living aspects.

Healthy paints for a better indoor climate and a perfect look

All wall paints and interior paints by KEIMFARBEN are made without added preservation agents, solvents or plasticisers. They are therefore ideal for sensitive people such as children or allergy suffers, who are particularly vulnerable. The high alkalinity and vapour permeable properties of the wall paints also make them perfect for effectively inhibiting mould in the home. Furthermore, they are non-flammable and emit no toxic gases in an emergency.

Our sustainability data sheets offer a good overview of our paints. They contain all the necessary data for making optimum use of KEIM products in sustainable building planning. In addition to details of ingredients and possible emissions from the paints, information is also included from test reports, expert surveys and environment management systems, as well as suitability according to the criteria of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) building certification systems and LEED.

KEIM offers a full range of interior paints in all three wet abrasion classes, providing the right paint and colour shade for every possible demand. The KEIM mould remediation system for mould prevention or elimination offers biocide-free solutions for healthy living.

KEIM Biosil is a silicate interior paint that is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, as confirmed with the "Suitable for allergy sufferers" certificate (IUG โ€“ Institute for Environment and Health). KEIM has also received the "natureplus" award for this paint, thus fulfilling far more stringent requirements of building products than the "Blue Angel".

Two of our paints are even resistant to disinfectants: KEIM Innostar and KEIM Ecosil-ME. These are therefore simply ideal for use in hospitals, medical practices, kindergartens, schools, etc.

Overview of KEIM wall paints

Silicate paints with excellent covering qualities for interior use - as demanding as your home! Interior paints completely without added solvents and plasticisers.

Silicate paints wet abrasion class 1

Premium class products. Maximum abrasion resistance with added benefits (e.g. high-opacity, photocatalysis). 

Silicate paints wet abrasion class 2

Large choice of solutions and wall paints for particularly sensitive areas (e.g. for allergy sufferers or kindergartens) and products with special colour effects.

Silicate paints wet abrasion class 3

Wash-proof interior paint for a wide variety of different applications and high application safety.

Mould protection

Products for preventing mould or for the gentle treatment of walls affected by mould. Mould protection with a system.

Chalk paint

Natural paints made from deposited slaked lime for an specific aesthetic look. Perfect synthesis of traditional and modern.

Decorative colour-wash

Products for mineral applications and decorative colourwash techniques as part of the interior design. For artistic freedom.

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