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KEIM Finitura

The universal sol-silicate colour for cost-effective painting

For every substrate

KEIM Finitura is based on the sol-silicate principle invented by KEIM. The special combination of silica sol and potassium silicate means that the material can adhere to both old paints and new mineral and resinous plasters.

Simple workability

KEIM Finitura is ready to use and is applied directly, dries evenly and is easy to touch up.

Colour stability

KEIM Fintura has excellent binder and pigment UV resistance. 

KEIM Finitura system products

KEIM Finitura

KEIM Finitura รจ una pittura per facciate in silicato pronta all'uso di alta qualitร  secondo la norma EN 1062. KEIM Finitura รจ riempito e pigmentato con riempitivi resistenti agli agenti atmosferici e pigmenti puramente inorganici resistenti alla luce. KEIM Finitura รจ Cradle to Cradle Certifiedยฎ Silver e C2C Certified Material Health Certificateโ„ข Gold.

Colour shade
White and colour shades.
block brush, roller, airless sprayer
0,35 - 0,45 kg/mยฒ for two coatings.

KEIM Finitura-Fixativ

Silicate primer and thinner based on sol-silicate (combination of silica sol and water glass). It serves as a primer for highly absorbent substrates or partial surfaces or as a thinner for KEIM Finitura and KEIM Textura. KEIM Finitura-Fixativ is awarded with Cradle to Cradle Certifiedยฎ Silver and C2C Certified Material Health Certificateโ„ข Gold.

Colour shade
milky, bluish
block brush, to flood
0,15 l/mยฒ for application as primer.
Type of containerContainer contentUnit of measureQuantity on pallet
jerry can5l70
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