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Blog | 29.06.2023

KEIM Twinstar at a glance

What makes our new facade paint KEIM Twinstar so special? We answer the most important questions here.

What are the outstanding properties of our new facade paint KEIM Twinstar?

First and foremost, of course, is the enormous time advantage. KEIM Twinstar is the very first facade coating in the world where two coats are applied in a single operation. This eliminates the complete drying time. This means that the painting company saves a complete work step here. This offers an enormous time advantage, especially in large cities. A construction site has to be approached less often, and scaffolding can be dismantled earlier. Possibly only one lifting platform is sufficient for one day of painting. Residents are also pleased when windows are not masked off for an unnecessarily long time and access roads to courtyards are passable again sooner. Painting work can be better planned because the weather does not have to play along for days. The environment is also pleased when fewer trips save fuel and emissions.


No intermediate drying time necessary

Painting in just one day - without scaffolding, only with a lifting platform. KEIM Twinstar makes it possible!

How does KEIM Twinstar work?

In principle, KEIM Twinstar can be applied like any other facade coating. There are only a few things to bear in mind when it comes to the painting technique. The paint must be applied wet on wet. The primer and top coat are applied in a single pass. It is advantageous if two painters work together as a team here. Our video explains this step by step. In addition to rolling, airless spraying is also possible.

How does KEIM Twinstar protect the facade from fouling and other weather-related influences?

Due to the special formulation and the combination of different physical action approaches, KEIM Twinstar offers reliable protection against fouling - completely without the addition of biocides!

Thanks to proven sol-silicate technology from KEIM, KEIM Twinstar also has other advantages. Due to the high diffusion openness (water vapor permeability) of KEIM silicate paints in general, absorbed water can also be quickly released again. Thus, the moisture contained in the facade can evaporate back to the outside unhindered and quickly. Moisture accumulation between the paint and the substrate and the associated damage are avoided. The facade also remains particularly well protected against frost and water damage. The rapid drying principle is a further advantage in preventing fouling on facades. The longer a facade is damp, the higher the risk that fungi and algae will thrive there.

Sealing a facade with a plastic coating (e.g. a silicone resin paint) is often recommended and seems plausible at first. In practice, unfortunately, this does not work as intended. The paint becomes more brittle with age, allowing moisture to penetrate the facade in windy and cold conditions. Due to the sealing plastic layer, this moisture can only be released again very slowly. This results in damage to the facade, such as peeling paint.

The antistatic, non-thermoplastic behavior of silicate paints also means that dirt has a hard time sticking to the facade. This guarantees beautiful and clean facades in the long term. The tendency of painted surfaces to become soiled is influenced not only by dewing behavior but also, above all, by the static charge and thermoplasticity of the binder. Conventional facade paints with organic synthetic resin or silicone resin binders become statically charged by friction in windy conditions and thus literally attract dirt particles from the air. When exposed to heat, the dust sticks to the paint's binder. KEIM silicate paints are antistatic and not thermoplastic because the binder is mineral. Therefore, KEIM facades remain clean and beautiful for a long time.

How color-stable and economical is KEIM Twinstar?

It goes without saying that KEIM Twinstar, like all our other classic facade paints, is absolutely color-stable. We provide a 20-year color guarantee on the paint. The facade will still have exactly the same color shade in twenty years as the day after painting. A red facade remains red and does not turn rather pink over the years! Thanks to enormous longevity of the facade, KEIM Twinstar is also very economical in the long run. Repainting after 10-12 years, as with conventional facade paints, is not necessary. As a result, owners save money in the long run when painting with KEIM silicate paints. The more durable the paint, the longer the house remains a joy for the owners and is also an excellent business card for the skilled craftsman!

In which color shade is KEIM Twinstar available?

KEIM Twinstar is available in white as well as in all common color tone collections. The colors can be tinted with PPF technology, i.e. our dealers with Local Color Workshop can tint KEIM Twinstar on site.You can also find out which color shades are possible with KEIM Twinstar using our color tool.

What do painters say about KEIM Twinstar?

"So far, we have only had good experiences. The surface appearance is extremely appealing and more than lives up to Keim's quality. The customer is pleased when the craftsman leaves the yard quickly, leaving behind a great job."

Florian Hannig, managing director Felber painter company

"In the course of the renovation work, my initial doubts were dispelled: Twinstar is super to spray and easy to re-roll. The consistency is top and the coverage excellent. In some cases, several hundred square meters could be recoated in one working day. The future belongs to mineral and biocide-free coatings."

Master painter Waldemar Rosenauer

"The material is super, I would always work with KEIM Twinstar again: It is ready to paint and is very easy to work with. And KEIM Twinstar of course has the advantage that in a block of flats the tenants are not locked in for days by covering the windows, but the windows are free again the same day."

Raffaele Romano, foreman painter company Josef Riedl

For which type of facades is KEIM Twinstar (particularly) suitable?

KEIM Twinstar is suitable for old and new coatings and is also suitable on insulated surfaces. It is ideal for the revision of aging ETICS facades.

It can be used for painting apartment blocks as well as single-family houses. Of course, the efficiency and time saving factor is especially significant for larger residential complexes.

What awards does KEIM Twinstar have?

KEIM Twinstar is both natureplus certified and Cradle to Cradleยฎ Certified in silver. Both awards mean that the paint is particularly sustainable.

You can read more about the sustainability of KEIM facade paints here

The paint is also non-combustible. Furthermore, we offer a 20-year colour guarantee on coatings with KEIM Twinstar.

Do you have any further questions about KEIM Twinstar? Simply write us an E-mail!

Further information on KEIM Twinstar can be found directly on our product page!

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