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Galleri Lene Bilgrav

The exhibition Ensuite is curated by Katrine Hvid and shows painting, sculpture and installation. The majority of the works are created for this exhibition and for a dialogue with each other. The four artists have in common that their work is based on painting, both as a medium and as a model. In this exhibition, they will show works that fluctuate between the two-dimensional and the threedimensional. The title of the exhibition Ensuite refers to the procedural course in the creation of the exhibition and points out that the collegial interaction is an essential curatorial grip for the exhibition. Bodil Nielsen has been invited to create a framework for the exhibition, among other things by coloring the walls, which is an overall touch in the interaction with the rooms.

Ensuite, Galleri Lene Bilgrav, 2022. Works by Peter Holm and Milena Bonifacini, colored walls by Bodil Nielsen. Photo: Jacob Friis-Holm Nielsen
Aarhus, Denmark
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