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The town hall in Wels / Austria has recently been given a splendid new coat of paint. The impressive baroque facade at the Wels town square with a total area of 1,370mΒ² was subjected to a fundamental overall renovation. The aim was to keep the outer wall open to diffusion and to restore the colour scheme to its original state. The old organic facade colours were carefully removed down to the base plaster. The complex restoration of the window ornaments, pilaster strips and ornamental bands in the attic areas was particularly challenging. KEIM Unikristalat-Arte with KEIM Kristall-Felsit-Fein and KEIM Universalputz were used for the new design. The painting company Gerta Hauser GmbH & Co. KG from Linz was able to implement all the work excellently and won 3rd prize in the Upper Austrian Craftsmanship Award 2021 in the category Building, Renovation, Furnishing & Living with this project. The building-historical accompaniment with regard to colours was carried out by master painter Michael GΓΌhl, Stuhlfelden.

Congratulations! We are very happy about these great pictures!

Pictures Β© Malerei Hauser, Linz, www.malerei-hauser.at

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