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News | 13.07.2023

The first 2in1 coating for exteriors: KEIM Twinstar

In recent times, we have undergone a significant change regarding the availability of a suitable skilled work pool. Maximising efficiency while being sustainable is a key consideration for architects, contractors, and project managers.

Foreseeing this scenario, KEIM mineral paints have developed a revolutionary paint system that requires minimal application time, to maximise labour efficiency while reducing costs and speeding up project completions.


Due to the excellent coverage consistency and optimum drying properties, the base and top coat can be applied wet on wet in one work step without drying times. Thanks to the accelerated construction process, this significantly reduces labour and scaffold / access costs, and minimises disruptions such as road and building closures.


The innovative product formulation provides excellent protection against algae and fungi growth โ€“ without the use of biocides. It is specially formulated to combine high water repellency with quick drying as well as creating an ultra-fine, compact surface. KEIM Twinstar is fire resistant, meeting classification A2,s1-d0, and water vapour permeable, allowing painted surfaces to breathe. Its antistatic, non-thermoplastic behaviour reduces dust and dirt attraction, and it is colour stable, unaffected by UV light. With Cradle-to-Cradle and natureplus Certification, KEIM Twinstar is proven, safe and environmentally friendly.  

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