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Blog | 03.03.2023

A mouldy ruin becomes a healthy home

TV editor, communications manager and a passion for healthy living: our author Lilly and her family have transformed a ruined building into a healthy home. The final result of the renovation with many impressions of her healthy home can also be seen on her Instagram channel @casamitter 

Dream house or mouldy ruin?

What happens when your former dream house becomes a mouldy ruin? A serious nightmare begins: gutting, containers full of building rubble and mouldy house mates. Whether "Aspergillus", "Penicillium" or "Staychybotrys" - our home was contaminated from the floor to the roof.

After elaborate, months-long mould remediation with several deep cleanings, we finally held the redeeming result in our hands in October 2020. Our home had been "cleared". Now construction could begin.

Mould: the greatest burden on indoor air

What was immediately clear to us was the importance of product selection for the wall renovation. It had to be healthy to live in. Since we humans spend 80 to 90 percent of our time indoors every day, this was an enormously important decision criterion for us as parents. Because the closer you get to the interior in terms of construction, the more significant emissions are for the human organism. By opting for healthy indoor products, we have the opportunity to actively influence the indoor air and reduce indoor pollutants to a minimum.

In addition to pollutants, mould is one of the greatest burdens in indoor air, as we have experienced ourselves. In order to prevent mould spores from breeding, we used an alkaline system for the wall renovation.

The solution: KEIM Innostar

In the Sentinel Haus portal for healthy building and living, we came across Innostar paint from KEIMFARBEN while researching healthy living products. Innostar is a silicate paint that is certified with the Natureplus quality label. It is free of any plasticisers, preservatives and solvents and therefore allergy-friendly. The diffusion openness of the mineral silicate paint allows "the walls to breathe" and, together with a high PH value, ensures a mould-resistant texture.

Another advantage of KEIM Innostar: Impurities can be wiped off. This makes the silicate paint ideally suited for everyday use with children. Which parents do not know them, the little handprints on the wall?

We decided to use KEIM Soliprim as an adhesive primer. The whole system for our system for our house was completed by Keim's mineral-based dolomite filler.


"We are totally happy for our family that we have used KEIM products in our new, healthy home. Nothing is more important than health and products you can trust in.

And shhh, this is what our daughter's room looks like today:"

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