NEW: KEIM Concretal®-Black

KEIM Concretal®-Black is a sol-silicate based paint formulated to protect from weathering and has an opaque intensive black finish. KEIM Concretal-Black is ideal for decoration of all mineral surfaces, both internally and externally. Aesthetic, intense, black surfaces are created due to the use of a unique black pigment. KEIM Concretal-Black protects from weather, is absolutely light-resistant, UV-stable and highlights the natural beauty of concrete and mineral surfaces.

Classy black in five shades:


Pure black is pitch-dark, dramatic, with a graphic effect that is hard to resist. KEIM Concretal-Black Purity – the power of pure black.


Elegant black with a deep blue shade. Inspired by dark pearls from the depths of the ocean. KEIM Concretal-Black Pearl – precious like a South Sea pearl.


A black night glows with harmonic red of the rising sun. KEIM Concretal-Black Aurora – like the warm mood of a splendid sunrise.


Deep black with a touch of mystic green. Inspired by the fir trees of the mystical Black Forest. KEIM Concretal-Black Forest – the mysterious black.


Pure black accentuated by a light yellow tone. KEIM Concretal-Black Eclipse – unique like the natural spectacle of a solar eclipse.

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