Manchester Airport Car Park


  • KEIM I.G. Primer
  • KEIM Optil
  • KEIM Royalan

Builder: Laing O’Rourke Services

Decorator: Story Decorating Group

Manchester Airport Car Park, Manchester


This multi-storey car park is situated at Manchester Airport. Works commenced in 2017 under the Manchester Airport Transformation Programme. KEIM Optil was recommended on all levels apart from Level 8, where KEIM Royalan was recommend as it is the top floor and exposed. KEIM Optil is a suitable paint system for the new fair-faced concrete areas and it will perform as required. KEIM Mineral Paints identified any external surface as an area or part thereof directly exposed to precipitation. As the areas identified are sheltered, KEIM Mineral Paints were satisfied that KEIM Optil was recommended and utilised in these areas. 

Streaking started to occur as there was a defect within the substrate which was present through some of the colours being used. This was possibly due to water ingress, most likely during construction, which had affected the curing process of the concrete. This has resulted in differing densities and a corresponding variance in levels of substrate porosity. This would have had the potential to show through following an application of paint. This issue was rectified by applying a single coat of KEIM I.G. Primer, followed by a single coat of KEIM Optil.

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