Domestic Property in Cromarty


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Domestic Property in Cromarty


The coastal location of this Category B listed home in the Scottish Highlands called for a natural, breathable and highly protective paint following the application of new lime harling. 

Building conservation is essential to protect an irreplaceable part of our cultural heritage from deterioration, neglect, unsympathetic changes and unnecessary destruction. KEIM Mineral Paints understand that, when it is necessary to redecorate and restore older and historic buildings, it is important to ensure that it is done in a manner that protects and preserves the building. The paint material choice is as important a decision as choosing the right decorator.

Following a site visit from Tony Carter, KEIM Mineral Paint’s Sales Executive for Scotland, the removal of the remaining film-forming acrylic paint from the sandstone details using KEIM STS 7M, non-hazardous, aromatic hydrocarbon paint stripper, was advised. Once breathability had been restored, KEIM Royalan, a high-performance mineral paint for properties subject to harsh climatic conditions, was advocated to retain breathability and for long-lasting results.

Unlike conventional paint coatings which are purely adhesive, mineral paints form a permanent bond with the underlying substrate. The microcrystalline structure of mineral paints permits the passage of moisture vapour so there’s no risk of blistering or cracking of the paint. Unlike limewash, mineral paints prevent water ingress.

Tony’s visit also identified potential areas of water ingress which would require rectification prior to proceeding with redecoration. Not only can this lead to internal damp issues, high moisture levels within substrate can also significantly affect paint adhesion.

Once the building was sufficiently stripped, dried and cured, decoration commenced with the application of KEIM Royalan Dilution onto the new lime harling, and KEIM Royalan Grob onto the once acrylic-coated sandstone. A two-coat application of KEIM Royalan completed the job, in colours chosen following trials to give a more contemporary contrast between the render and sandstone details.

From a visual perspective, KEIM Mineral Paints are beautifully flat matt and come in an extensive range of naturally sourced and lightfast colours. They work in harmony with the building, protecting the surface from the elements whilst allowing the building to function as was intended when it was originally built.

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