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News | 16.09.2022

KEIM nominated for the German Sustainability Award

KEIM has been nominated for the 15th German Sustainability Award in the category of companies. This shows that the world's leading specialist in mineral building protection is among the best when it comes to combining economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility in a special way. KEIM was able to prevail over hundreds of competitors in a demanding selection process and convince a top-class assessment team. 

The German Sustainability Award, which is being presented for the 15th time this year, rewards companies that make effective contributions to transformation with innovative products and services, high ecological standards in production and special social commitment in the value chain. The application had to present measures, solutions and goals as well as the narrative with which the transformative contributions are communicated. KEIM was nominated in the field of resources. 

For KEIM, sustainability is a central component of the brand essence, not a trend. KEIM has been able to demonstrate its pioneering role countless times in the company's history. More than 140 years ago, the company founder A.W. Keim already felt obliged to be mindful of future generations: "We want to live, work, struggle, fight and care for our fellow human beings, work for posterity, so that it will be better on earth". The company is still committed to this motto today. The KEIM brand lives from a high demand on the durability and quality of the paint products supported by continuous innovation work. Rรผdiger Lugert, Managing Director KEIM, sums up the company's mission: "The longest-lasting, most natural and healthiest - simply the best colours in the world! This is how we want to design people's living spaces innovatively, creatively, in a way that conserves resources and is responsible across generations."

KEIM achieved a quantum leap in sustainability this year: 65 products received Cradle to Cradle Certifiedยฎ silver certification. The products represent over 80 % of sales in the most important product range area of paint. All products were also awarded the C2C Certified Material Health CertifcateTM Level Gold. This puts KEIM at the forefront of the construction industry and strengthens its role as a role model for healthy, circular products. 

After the nomination for the DNP, the jury will now decide on the finalists and winners in the various transformation fields. The expert panel - appointed annually by the Board of Trustees of the German Sustainability Award Foundation - brings perspectives from business, research, civil society and politics into the decision-making process. The award ceremony will take place on 2 December 2022 in Dรผsseldorf. We at KEIM very much hope to be a finalist. 

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