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Kneipp Kindergarten

The facades of kindergartens are usually eye-catchers: they often draw attention to themselves in a cheerful and colourful way - Sometimes the kindergarten facade already gives an indication of the concept of the institution from the outside. This is also the case with a Kneipp kindergarten in southern Germany, whose facade is designed in different ways with wood.

Architekturwerkstatt Vallentin GmbH
City of Vilsbiburg
Lukas Vallentin
Vilsbiburg, Germany
  • Lignosil-Verano

The single-storey structure of the Kneipp kindergarten in the Lower Bavarian town of Vilsbiburg, made of wood studs, is very economical due to its simple construction. "We want to build passive houses with as much wood as possible, as in this case, also in the load-bearing construction," explains architect Rena Vallentin from the Munich-based architectural firm Vallentin, who specialises in designing passive houses with her husband. Here, too, the exterior walls are constructed with rear-ventilated faรงade cladding in timber element construction with cellulose fibre insulation.

Colour design

The colour highlights of the Kneipp kindergarten in Vilsbiburg are found inside, such as the design of the washrooms or the furnishings, which appeal to the children's creativity. The design of the facade, on the other hand, is left in its natural state and underlines the simple, clear design idea and transfers the constructive aspects to the outside, which can be read by the observer.

Thanks to the simple colour design, the facility in Vilsbiburg also blends in appropriately with its surroundings - supported by a height development adapted to the site and the building's facade structure. With corresponding feedback: In Vilsbiburg, the wooden elements have a positive effect on the perception of the room. "The warm colouring and the feel are pleasing to teachers and children," says Rena Vallentin.

The KEIM Lignosil-Verano pre-greying initially simulates a natural silver-grey patinated wood surface on the facade of the kindergarten in Vilsbiburg. 

"By dispensing with an impregnating protective layer, the greying glaze gradually turns more and more into a natural greying, without any further maintenance effort. 
The treatment is also biocide and solvent-free. The surfaces also remain open to diffusion," says Rena Vallentin.

The Kneipp concept refers to a holistic health principle that, in the area of kindergartens, aims to teach children a healthy, nature-oriented lifestyle at an early age.

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